1. What is PHOTOSESSIONMAG and who owns it?
PHOTOSESSIONMAG, in a revamped version of our two year/12 issue publication, SESSIONS Online Magazine, or you could call it an off shoot of it. In 2018 we found that in Europe a previous SESSIONS was a popular fashion magazine that sold print issues, as well as had a website. In wanting to go to a print version we saw potential problems with this. So, brainstorming a group of four came up with the new name of PHOTOSESSIONMAG. The magazine is now owned, as of the Summer of 2019, by 5th Light Publications.
2. What's the end goal for the magazine? Why are you doing what you are doing?
PHOTOSESSIONMAG/5th Light Publications, produces the magazine as a means to show artist work. Free of charge. Least for now. Yes! I will admit we are conjuring ideas of ways to make money. Advertising would be one of the those ways. But it's not an importance for now. Getting the work seen of photographers, artist and writers around the world is the mission. The staff that helps bring this magazine to life are all artist in some way. We live it and breath it. For now, if you so choose to work for us, please understand, there is no income involved.
3. Is Photographer, Kerry Ray Tracy part of the magazine, PHOTOSESSIONMAG or 4Seat Productions?

Actually a lot has recently changed.  In the Summer of 2019, 4Seat Productions decided to sell the magazine, publications in general and move to doing Podcast. The publication was offered for sale to Photographer/Editor, Kerry Ray Tracy, and after a lot of personal thought he decided to purchase the magazine. In the fall of 2019, an additional magazine was added to our growing list of publications with the addition of Potassium Magazine. The company has been named, 5th Light Publications.

There other publication ideas as well. Stay tuned.......

4. Can I be part of PHOTOSESSIONMAG?
Yes! On our feature page of the online magazine you will see a link that will bring you to our help wanted. We would love to have help from around the world. Writers, Staff Photographers, Artist, MUA's. Reach out and get a hold of us. We want you to be part of this. All we ask is that you send us a sample or samples of your work. Maybe even a plan that would be something you could do for every issue. For example, we are looking to cover bands or a band, and include photo's w/story line. Maybe a photographer and writer couple up? Or, an MUA wants to do a per issue write up of the products they use and why. These are areas we want to add to the magazine. So by all means, contact us and we can work on how you can be part of PSM.