The Demo issue gallery. A tribute and brief look at the test issue we created of PSM.

This is the art issue. Be it, photographic art, fine art, digital art, or basic art. This is where we take an image and make it art. The April issue, which is number two. Is based around the whole image, the essence of art to an image. No model looking at the camera, no glamour, no headshots, or fashion. This is your taking a model and making her into part of the scene. It's you taking a selfie and contorting it until it's a version of you. It's your using a model as a canvas, using body paint, to create something more. Use your imagination. For more details click on , Issue 2 Theme .

On Sale, April 5th

Issue Two is The Art issue. While I would like to say it was easy to put together, this is anything but the truth. The concept was hard for photographers to get behind. It's a challenge to push away the want to shoot the model dead on and eyes locked to the camera. But, in the end, our artist rallied and submitted some really great work. So while we might have stumbled a little going out the gate, we came through with a great issue. It was  interesting to see what everyone's idea of, The Art of an image is. Well worth the battle.

Yes! There is a cipher to solve, as well as messages hidden inside the print issue. Why? Because we are huge fans of this TV show, that is sadly, no longer on Television. We see it as a tribute. Send us what you find, we would love to know that you were able to find them all.

Artist, Michele Hart Glembocki, shares with us her thoughts and motivtation behind her work, in this issues Artist Statement.
IG @hereweisfl

The Artist Statement will become a regular part of the online magazine .

A mini gallery for artist/photographer, Anneli Blom. Her work can be found in Issue Two of PHOTOSESSIONMAG.

Anneli's work is a creative mix of spontaneous smartphone shots to well planned editing via Snapseed. Her images, a dreamy depiction of fantasy that pulls you in, and gets your attention, also brings forth a feeling of a step back in time. Vintage dresses, pearls, smeared lipstick, etc..I found her art enticing. Every image is as if I am watching someone play in front of the camera, using their imagination with whatever prop that can find to create a story.

You cannot miss this gallery, nor her work that is in Issue Two of PHOTOSESSIONMAG.

Issue Two is released April 5th, through Blurb Books.