©Leli Paige 2019

Photographer, Leli Paige

The online magazine is small compared to it's predecessor, SESSIONS Online Magazine. But it still gets the job done.

Issue One, in the print version is complete and ready for purchase. At $18.59, it's worth it. PSM One, is packed with Models and Photographers, whose work we admire. Exceptional artist.

I would like to share a small issue we did have in it's creation. Mid way through the print mag build we realized that some of the artist work didn't fit with the majority. A few artist leaned more to the art side while the rest was mainstream photography. So we made the decision, "an editors job sucks", to push these artist on to issue two, which is themed at the "Art Issue". It was my decision, but one I felt needed to be made. We have displayed some of their work here in the gallery section. And of course they will be seen in issue two. Again, my apologies to them. An editors job often sucks when it comes to matters like this.

Please enjoy issue one of PHOTOSESSIONMAG.

James Pate is our first interview for issue one of, PHOTOSESSIONMAG and we couldn't be happier with this. James work caught our eye way back in the 2018, so when PSM was in the works, we felt his photographic work should be highlighted and an interview thrown out. Take the time to order an issue and see his 6 page gallery of work.

These are the artist who make up the print version of issue one. Their work accounts for a large 60 page magazine that is packed with 99% photography. We wanted the first issue of PHOTOSESSIONMAG to be filled iwth nothing but photography and lite on talk. Which is exactly how it came out.

In creating the mag and putting everything together, we got to know many of the photographers and models fairly well, and what we came to find is that all of them are devoted to the art. The main thing we found was that everyone was excited to see their work in print and they won't be disappointed.

If you're an artist, photographer or model, contact us about more opportunties for issue two. We are looking for a variety of freelancers to help us out.


The Demo issue gallery. A tribute and brief look at the test issue we created of PSM.

As many of you know, PHOTOSESSIONMAG,  is the revamped version of SESSIONS Online Magazine that ran for 12 issues. The old magazine site is still up and running. We've left it intact and made it possible to view past issues of the publication.

This is the art issue. Be it, photographic art, fine art, digital art, or basic art. This is where we take an image and make it art. The April issue, which is number two. Is based around the whole image, the essence of art to an image. No model looking at the camera, no glamour, no headshots, or fashion. This is your taking a model and making her into part of the scene. It's you taking a selfie and contorting it until it's a version of you. It's your using a model as a canvas, using body paint, to create something more. Use your imagination. For more details click on , Issue 2 Theme .