This year for the Halloween issue we are looking for photographers and models to venture outside the box. Please take your work a step beyond blood poured on a knife, on a model and consider job done. Go beyond slapping a gas mask on a model, toss around blood and consider the job done. Bathtub full of blood with nude model bathing in it? Done!! Pumpkin with smoke bomb coming from it? Again, done!!
Last year we received 13 submissions of model in gas mask for Halloween. We also received a handful of model, half nude with knife in hand and blood all over her. Please! Please! Go beyond the common and boring. Honestly there are dozens of shoot ideas that could come before the average ideas that has been over done.

Here are a few ideas that we would love to have as submissions. A few are traditional themes, but we want a spin to it:

Witches: It can be a sexy/sensual witch or creepy and horrific.
Clowns: To this day, a good scary clown is kickass.
Scarecrows: The demonic type
Frankenstein: Yep! From the old movie.
Vampires: A good Vampire or Vampiress
Ghost: Get creative with this. It's a simple concept idea but we've seen some creepy images done with a simple sheet. 
Demons: Black eyes. Think Supernatural, but creepier.
The Undead: Go all out in the use of makeup.
Abandoned: Scary images in abandoned locations.
Cemetery Shoots: Creepy cemeteries, speak mountains.
 Doctor Jekyl and Mr Hyde: Give it a shot. Be creative.

Actual Haunted locations. Take some shots, and include a written back story.
Prisons: If you take shots while taking a tour of prisons then send us a few shots with info as to what we are seeing.
Actual images of Ghost, or what you might feel is an image of a captured ghost.
Seance: Contact my Mom. (Document) 
Basically what we are looking for is images that go outside the box of mundane shots that we see overly done every year. There's more to the concept then blood on knife with a female model. Go a step beyond.

Nudes are allowed. Submit 5 to 10 images. But no more then that. 10 images is the most we will accept. Credit models and anyone who does special effects or MUA,  for you. Send submissions by way of Dropbox or WeTransfer. Images need to be 300 dpi and large in size. ALL MODELS MUST HAVE A MODEL RELEASE. No exceptions. If you don't have one and can't find them via Google, contact us for one of our Photo Releases. iPhone has an app by Snapwire (Snapwire Model Releases) that works perfectly.
Two Email addresses can be used.
ktracy32@hotmail.com   or the2121gallery@hotmail.com

Submissions begin August 22nd and end, October 1st. If you require additional time to complete a shoot, then contact us to make arrangements.

Be Creative!!