I've lined out the next three issues that we have coming up for the year. Of course this is just the basic info. For each coming issue we will add additional details. But this will give you an outline.

APRIL ISSUE/ISSUE TWO: THE ART ISSUE. I already have confusion over this theme. Our thought is to take out the common image we get of a model looking at the camera. Instead send us a shot of a model in a room looking out the window. We are wanting impersonal shots. Images where you make the work art and not glamor. Where the body is the focal point and not the models face. Make the focal point the whole room. Give us shots of the model NOT looking at the camera. So often photographers forget that maybe their work can be more by trying the same shot, minus the model looking into the lens. Take it to a whole other level.  This is an article issue. Meaning theme does not take over the whole mag.

PSM is also looking for photographer who cover bands, I would love to have this type of imagery in the magazine. Street Photography, please!! The magazine wants to open up to theme ideas.

JULY/ISSUE THREE OPEN: We have now made issue three an open issue. Send us whatever you want. BUT, we would like a few of the following images, shot any way you want. GLAMOUR, GLAMOUR NUDE, FINE ART NUDE, PORTRAIT, MODEL FASHION, AND STREET PHOTOGRAPHY.

We want images of the body and face. Nude, clothed, young, old, fine art, erotic, sex worker, covered in mud, etc..This will be an article issue. Meaning the whole theme will not take up the whole magazine. Although it will amount to a large section. If you shoot boudoir, lingerie, pin up,....great!! Send it to us! Just make sure that the body is the focal point. Want to send me black and white fine art nudes, COOL! The main thought here is, "the body". And this includes the male body as well.

Again we are looking for photographers who cover bands. We really want music photography to be part of this magazine. Want to write an article about a band? Then send us images and a story. This is a huge opportunity to get your work seen. Please take it!!

Custom cars, motorcycles, girls and cars, girls and bikes. Send us your car imagery. Have a shot of a model on a car, then please send. Have a model nude on a car, please send. Just the car? Send please. Have a 50's setup you did with model or models? Send me images please. The idea here is cars and bikes. But keep in mind we are going to be picky here. I want images that stand out from the rest of the pack.

Pin Up: We are huge Robert Alvarado fans. Send us what you have. It can be modern pinup or vintage. We love it all. Shoot Betty Page stuff? Send it!!

OCTOBER ISSUE/ISSUE FOUR: THE HALLOWEEN ISSUE. This is self explanatory. Send us your Halloween theme ideas. The whole magazine is about Halloween. Every inch. This will be out biggest issue for the year. Over 80 pages. Everyone is invited. Whatever you idea of horror, fear, haunting's, ghost, vampires, witches, etc., submit it!! I cannot say this enough. We want blood, mayhem, evil, the list could go on. It's the magazines year end issue, so let's do it with a bang!!

Other departments of course are music, bands, and who knows what else we will add. The magazine is in its youth. We have so many ideas we wish to pursue.