This is a teaser to some of the imagery that is in the print version of PHOTOSESSIONMAG. In total we had 14 to 15 artist submit work to us, with our redirecting only two artist to issue two. That left us with 13 artist in the print copy and over 15 models total. That's pretty good for a first issue. I think given that we had a huge amount of issues come our way, we prevailed and produced an exceptional magazine. The one main thing I like about this revamped magazine is that I feel we have so much more freedom, as well as ways to show the work of artist, be it print or online. Our reach is greater!!

One side note: Not all of the work or artist in the print issue are represented here.

Model: Elizabeth Estrada
Photographer: Daniel Love

Model: Catalina Cruise
Photographer: Philip Turner

Model: Eliza Luna Rose
Photographer: Al Pearce

Model: Aria Alma Blagonya
Photographer:Djkc Photography

Model: Hayley Jamieson
Photographer: Candy Pinup

Model: Ellen Pollock
Photographer: Daniel Love

Model: Stevie Haas
Photographer: Jacob Haas

Model: Jessika Pike
Photographer: Suter Photoworks

Model: Gender Fluid Pixie
Photographer: Tony Smith Photography

Model: Mandy Runske
Photographer: Rob Gregg

Model: Desiree Fetch
Photographer: James Pate

Model: Anonymous
Photographer: Daniel Love

Models: Fee Mack & Candy Pinup
Photographer: Suter Photoworks

Model: Jess Murray
Photographer: Al Pearce