First off we have had a number of artist, photographers and models write us, asking us why we are not going with MagCloud like all the other online magazines are doing. The simple answer is that the cost of going with Blurb for now was next to nothing. Additionally, as a photographer and not just an editor, I use Blurb for my personal publications, that sell my work. So I have found it's format easy to use and the financial process simple. For the first issue we wanted and needed a smooth transition. So here we are with Blurb. Now that isn't to say that we never consider or use MagCloud. In fact I'm trying the system with some work of my own and if the quality and process is better then Blurb I will switch this magazine to it as well.

That's where we stand on this issue for now.

Submission Guidelines will be displayed for the April issue on the same day we release issue one, in both print and online.


Issue One is available in Print Format and PDF File. Price is set at $18.59 an issue. This does not inlcude shipping and handling. Sales are through Blurb. The first issue is a Premium quality product. Heavy weight, Matte 80# paper with a firm cover. *Future issues may come out as an Economy version.

PDF is $7.50 for Issue One with sales through Blurb. Although we will be doing direct sales through this site for one week, Feb 1st. thru 4th, with a price of $3.50 a download, w payment through PayPal.