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We are aware the of events going on in the world right now, there's no way that a person couldn't know. In over a month we have been sent a large amount of email and DM's where various groups have requested that we join the fight, make a political stand. Unfortunately many have not appreciated our stance on the issue.

PHOTOSESSIONMAG AND Potassium Magazine is strictly about art. If you followed us last year, as well as this year, you will know that we have repeatedly said, "we are an art based publishing company" and nothing more. It's a place to go to get away from the reality of life. End of story. I will not change our stance and how we built this magazine, to satisfy the will of others.

That being said, that's not say that outside of this publication that anyone on this staff isn't doing their best to support what they fimrly believe in. We just don't bring politics to our publishing table.

Unfortunately this isn't good enough for a few. We have been threatened and pushed. But in the end, we are simply an art magazine. We support those who want to display there work and get it seen. It is NOT a political platform and never will be.

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