Issue One is available in Print Format and PDF File. Price is set at $18.59 an issue. This does not inlcude shipping and handling. Sales are through Blurb. The first issue is a Premium quality product. Heavy weight, Matte 80# paper with a firm cover. *Future issues may come out as an Economy version.

PDF is $7.50 for Issue One with sales through Blurb. PDF is available January 28th. 

PDF SPECIAL: Feb 4th. thru 11th, with a price of $3.50 a download and payment through PayPal, the magazine PDF will be available for purchase. Reference link when posted.

The Demo issue of PHOTOSESSIONMAG will be re-released Feb 14th, 2019 as an Economy issue. This will be a lower quality print and at a lower price. The Premium issue was $10. the Economy will cost a mere, $5.99, sales through Blurb, and again, this does not include shipping and handling.

Additionally we plan on doing a PDF direct sales through this site, at the same time we offer the Economy print issue. The direct sales cost for the PDF will be $3.50, with payment through, PayPal.

Again this will be a one week sale then the demo will no longer be available.