Question: So,.......what is Potassium all about and how does it differ from PSM?
Answer: Potassium will be a mix of Photography and Art. PHOTOSESSIONMAG is basically made up of 90% Photography with only maybe 10% being art concept. Potassium will be evenly divded between both. The things we will encourage is Smart Phone app imagery, Photoshop Composites, Heavy Photo Concept sets, Artistic Nudes, etc.. Potassium will reach more for Photographic Artist then for just Photographers. Although if you have shot imagery that is high color, with a set desigh or prop driven concept then it will make it into the magazine. Additionally if you work shows that you did high edits then this would be a plus.

Question: What is the concept?
Answer: Imagine Dark Art, mixed with Alternate Reality. Artistic Nudes in deep saturated color. Smart Phone Creations heavy in layering. Grittier imagery, Concept driven. Adobe Photoshop or other editing software would be a plus.

Question: Cost?
Answer: Potassium is a thin magazine printed on economy paper. Cost will hover around $5.95 an issue. In the 1980's this was considered a bar magazine. They were thin, advertised bands/music, strip clubs, places to eat, etc..They were cheap, very few pages, but packed with imagery. This is what we are striving for in Potassium. It's what we are considering a junk mag meets art gallery.

Question: Free Issue?
Answer: Nope!! We can't afford it. But by keeping the magazine small in size, and with economy paper, the final cost should be well within everyones budget.

As usual, make sure images are at least 300 dpi. Send is as big an image as possible. The bigger the better. If you create an image on your phone, send it to your computer before sending it to us. Open it in a photo editing program and it should tell you the size of image it is. It also might allow you to resize or increase the dpi.

Images need to be large enough to fit on a page, 8.5x11. If your image is not that big, send it to us anyway and we will still consider using it.

Provide: Credits to models, credits to photographer, titles of your work, contact information.

An email to 5th Light Productions stating that you take full responsibility for images you have submitted for possible publication. This would include a model release if your imagery has model in it. Simply state that you do hold a release or agreement with model shown.

Submit work to our Dropbox via email: (side note: we are working on getting an email for 5th Light Productions).


Issue One!! The first of what we hope will be many. Potassium Magazine grew from a group fo people joking around to a full fledged magazine.

Potassium One, lays out the subject matter and permanent theme to this publication and that is the Composite Image, wether it's by your phone or expensive high tech camera. Creating something from nothing. This is the magazine where we show artist work who never imagined that their imagery would ever be seen in print. It's for the masses, pro and amateur!! Contribute and be seen!!

Fighting prolonged delays, we finally have a solid magazine, and it's now available. To keep cost down, Potassium will only be available in the Economy version. Additionally we will be offering a PDF version.

If you would like to obtain a Premium Version then please contact us and we will make this happen through Blurb Books.

Cover Image by: Jason Hahn Photography. His work is our first Featured Artist for the Maiden Voyage of Potassium Magazine!!



We no longer recommened anyone purchasing the Economy version of the magazine. While we make it available along side the PDF, our suggestion for a good copy is to go with Premium.