HOW DO I SUBMIT? Submissions’ can be sent to there is no limitation on submissions. Although an issue might follow a particular theme. Please include ALL CREDITS when submitting. Model, MUA, SFX, etc..Low resolution images are ok for review, there's no maximum amount of images but we need 5 to 10 minimum. If your images are selected for publication we will email you requesting high resolution images (at least 300 dpi sized to 8.5”x 11”) (Portrait: 2500 x 3300) (Landscape: 5100 x 3300), you want to submit large images, especially for print. A larger size image will look better in a print publication. You will be asked if you have obtained a Model Release. (A full model release is required) You will be asked to provide us with a copy of the release that represents the images you submitted.
If an image does not have a model release to back up an image then future work with the artist will be concluded.

Send work via, Email (send one at time or two, we need them to be large!! Do not use a zip file, this compresses) and or Dropbox or any other File Sharing app. This is actually the best way. DO NOT SEND US IMAGES THROUGH INSTAGRAM!! Instagram messaging compresses the images, plus they are a paint to retrieve. This is your work and it's for a print magazine. Please send your submissioon using the best way possible!! Email or File Share. Additionally always send us invites to your file share by email and again, not by Instagram messaging.

The following is questions I am emailed and messaged daily. At this present time I cannot bend the rules and guidelines with anyones work. If you have questions please contact.

*Submissions are open to any content, unless a theme is announced. As for the four issues slated for 2019, only the July and October issues will be theme. The January issue isn't a theme but for the first issue we would like a simple one model to one artist. You may send as many sets with various models as you want, but the idea is one model in a set and the set being a minimum of 5.

*Photosessionmag, does allow implied and full nudes. We will ask that you have full model releases for the model, you will not need to send them. If a release is requested to verify age, a photo copy is preferred, along with a copy of the models licence .

* NO! We cannot provide you with a free issue of the magazine that your work appears in. The cost is too high to provide every artist with a copy. The price through Blurb, is a reasonable cost for an issue and in some cases cheaper then a magazine off the shelf. We are working on providing Tear Sheets, or even a free PDF. We will announce this option when it is available.

*Covers.....the April and July issue is open for cover. When you submit your work, send cover submissions clearly marked as a cover option. Our staff will decide on who gets the cover and notify the artist before the issue is released. A high resolution must be provided.

*Models submitting work. Yes, please!! You do not have to be a photographer or even an artist to submit work. If a someone shot a set of you and you want to submit it please do. But, please include the photographers name, his contact, and details to when it was shot. We will contact the photographer to let them know their work of you is going into the magazine. Credits must be included, even for MUA's.

*Photographers, the work you submit will be held onto for a year, in case we can use it in another issue. After a year, files are deleted. Don't assume that just because we didn't pick your images for an upcoming issue that it will not be considered for a future issue. Submit as often as you like.

*Credits,....The new magazine requires that EVERYONE receive credits. Photographer, Model, MUA, SFX,etc..We want to recognize everyone involved. No credits included then we cannot publish your work. The reason for this is that SESSIONS often received complaints of images lacking a model credit or MUA. We want it fair across the board. Site links we cannot always promise.

Photosessionmag will have two versions. The website/online magazine, plus the print version. They will not be the same. The online issue will be slightly different then the print version. Online will have a little less content in it then the print version, plus it's overall look will be different. So don't assume that if you saw the issue online that you have seen it fully. The print version will be worth the purchase.

Submission Guidelines will be posted for every issue, with updates being made a month before full release of magazine. Deadlines are strict and must be made on the date. No late submissions will be accepted, unless arranged with publisher.

**If your photoset, Photographer or Model, represents work of others then please take the time and make sure you give a full acount of everyone involved with the images your submit. Include MUA's, Model names, and or Photographers, if you are NOT the person who owns this work or are not the person who shot it. All work submitted must have a tech/info sheet included with it. If you a re submitting by Email or Dropbox then please send us a separate message/email with all pertinent information. If you are NOT the owner of the images then we will need to see Model Releases and or Photo Releases to secure your use. In some cases we might contact then model pictured and or photographer.

As for Model Releases. We must have them included with ALL imagery. A full copy, that includes the Models signature and date, as well as the Photographers, name and date. Beginning January 1st, no work will be accepted without this paperwork. In some cases we might require you and the model to sign a Photo Release form supplied by the publication. If this is the route you wish to go, then please contact us and request a form. You will download it, both sign it, then screen shot and email it back to us. Model must supply the name that is on his or her birth certificate and not the model name they go by.