HOW DO I SUBMIT? Submissions’ can be sent to there is no limitation on submissions. Although an issue might follow a particular theme. Please include ALL CREDITS when submitting. Model, MUA, SFX, etc..Low resolution images are ok for review, there's no maximum amount of images but we need 5 to 10 minimum. If your images are selected for publication we will email you requesting high resolution images (at least 300 dpi sized to 8.5”x 11”) you want to submit large images, especially for print. A larger size image will look better in a print publication. You will be asked if you have obtained a Model Release, but will not be required to include it with your submission. If an image does not have a model release to back up an image then future work with the artist will concluded.

What do you get in return for submitting work to PHOTOSESSIONMAG?

1. Quite a lot actually. Your work isn't just published in the online magazine, it's also in
 the print version, which is sold through Blurb. Blurb also sells a PDF and Ebook, version of each issue. The online magazine and the print issue, has small differences to them, so viewers won't see the same content between the two. So I encourage those submitting work to not settle for one over the other.

2. A few have asked that we provide free copies of the issue that they are in. Sadly we simply cannot do that. I wish I could. We are not to that level of success yet that we can manage the cost. What we can do and will go in effect with the first copy, is free tear sheet to each artist and model. Basically a download of your content in the magazine will be sent to you. This will be drawn from the PDF file. Once you have your tear sheet you may print it out. Although I have held an issue in my hand and I can tell you the thrill over seeing your work in hand is something that blows you away.

3. If you just cannot afford a print version of the magazine. Then occasionally we will run specials on the PDF file download, that is well under the Blurb price. There will also be a reduction in the cost of an old issue when the new issue is released, but this will be only be a couple of dollars less.

4. The requirements for the next issue will be posted here, when the current issue is released. The theme for the January issue is now an open submission. Send is whatever you would like. Originally the idea was one model/one photographer, but we've had a lot of confusion with this concept so we have opened it up. The theme for the April issue will be displayed a few days after the January issue is released. I can tell you ahead of time that the cover of the April issue is open. Meaning you can submit work to go on the cover.

5. This is the most important change that will take place, but not until the April issue. Full releases will be required. Photographers will be asked to sign a release for the work to be included in the magazine. In the release they sign they will verify that they hold a signed release by the model pictured in their set. If you have two models or more, then you need to have a model release for both. The photographer release gives us rights to have your work in the magazine and printed. When we just had the online mag this wasn't an issue. But now that we have moved to print it is a legal requirement.


SUBMISSIONS can be sent to my email or to DropBox.